Erasmus+ project Nr. 2020-1-LV01-KA202-077586 “Promotion and Alignment of European Tree Technicians (ETT) qualification in Europe” is successfully concluded

Period: 01.09.2020-31.08.2023

Project partners from 8 Countries: 

  • Bulduru Tehnikums (Latvia) LEAD
  • European Arboricultural Council
  • Instytut Drzewa Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
  • Luua Metsanduskool (Estonia)
  • PC Bomen trainingen BV (Netherlands)
  • SkovByKon (Denmark)
  • Sveriges arboristförbund SAF (Sweden)
  • VIVES Hogeschool (Belgium)

During project were held 7 Transnational Meetings in Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, Latvia as well as ETT training and Pilot Exam in Poland.

In frame of project there were elaborated:

ETT Study Guide for potential ETT candidates

ETT Manual with Appendices for existing and potential Training and Certification centers in Europe

Project Outputs are open to all industry stakeholders and will be available for download on EAC website. EAC will take care for publications further dissemination in EU, but project partners- in their countries

Besides there were organised two Multiplier Events with industry stakeholders and realised two surveys:

  1. Qualitative (in depth) interviews on industry challenges with more then 40 respondents
  2. Quantitative on-line survey  on ETT competencies involving about 175 industry stakeholders across Europe

Based on acquired results according to industry needs there were up-dated current ETT Curriculum. By project proposed new Curriculum draft was confirmed by EAC  AGM in June 2023 and will  become in force in January 2024.

There is  also prepared ETT Exam Competence Matrix for ETT exam content alignment, as well as elaborated  and submitted to EAC proposal for ETT Exam rules update for further discussions.

Meanwhile, project partners have translated part of project outputs to national languages according each country local needs for ETT further promotion

Thank You to all Partners, colleagues and all parties supported us in project implementation!