Project info:

Lead partner:             Bulduri Horticulture School, Latvia

Partner:                        Räpina School of Horticulture, Estonia

Project period:          01.03.2020-31.12.2022

Project budget:         EUR 624.517,34.  ERDF co-financing 81%

INTERREG Central Baltic project Nr. CB917 “Become more competitive!”in landscape gardening

We are finalizing INTERREG Central Baltic project Nr. CB917 “Become more competitive!” in landscape gardening.

The main task of project was to support vocational education in landscape gardening content & quality development, competitiveness and promote collaboration in Baltic region.

Evaluating the whole project progress we can observe that it has significant effect not only on landscape gardening program and content quality, but common project implementation activities, discussions and share of experience have led us to much more broader and advanced understanding of what is the scope of most crucial competences a landscape gardener should posses to be competitive on national level as well as on larger region.

We are sincerely thankful to our project partners from Estonia – Räpina School of Horticulture who are not only highly experienced wonderful colleagues, but also result oriented partners willing to share experience, time and able to be elastic and creative to deal with set tasks realization constraints.

We would like to thank Interreg Central Baltic program for believe in our project mission to make landscape gardeners more competitive and for project financing (ERDF co-financing 81%), meanwhile, supporting us during the whole project realization process.

Project outcomes:

In cooperation with Rapina School of Horticulture landscape gardening teachers have elaborated MOODLE COURSES that support practical learning of landscape gardening and are found as crucial in teaching process and missing till the project realization. The courses are in English so that their content can be understood by both Estonian and Latvian students.

In total 30 ECTS of elaborated materials planned to be used in both schools as well as open to every interested educational institution or student.

Development of gardens and parks
Rooftop gardens
Woodworking – The small forms off architecture 
Tree felling outside forest 
Preparation of the territory
Basics of geodetics measurements
Earthwork and earth working machinery
Construction of Borders and Fences 
Machinery for bulk handling and surface shaping
Building a small garden 
Establishing garden water bodies

Key for all courses: interreg-guest

With Interreg Central Baltic program support was acquired WOODWORKING EQUIPMENT in Bulduri to organise practical trainings in woodworking. Also Worldskills Landscape Gardening competition confirmed that these skills are important and from industry stakeholders demanded.
Bulduri team is already elaborating new EU projects to further develop and implement acquired investments.
A Moodle course in woodworking is elaborated – Small forms of Architecture in Landscape Gardening.

Rapina Horticulture School for more successful teaching process has acquired Mini excavator for Landscaping works and Drone – long desired IT tool in Landscape observation, measuring, planning.

In frame of project were realized also many CROSS-NATIONAL ACTIVITIES supporting share of experience and common learning between Partners:

  • Study visit to Finland vocational schools in Landscaping

  • Two Rapina Teachers and Students mobilities to Bulduri Horticulture School with intensive training in arboriculture and woodworking
  • Two week-long Bulduri mobility visits to Rapina School of Horticulture, putting emphases on practical workshops in woodworking, stone works and work with mini excavators

Short presentation of our first mobility in Rapina

  • Rapina Landscaping days with competition between participants in Landscaping works

  • Both schools top management and administration meeting to support project outcomes smooth implementation into teaching process


  • Final activity – common visit of “Worldskills Landscape Gardening’2022” in Tallinn and final Partners @Steering group meeting. Worldskills participants work observation gave us confirmation that in frame of project elaborated educational materials will be right support toward students future competitiveness not only in industry but also to better prepare our students for “Skills” competitions internationally.